3D Printing – Toy Replicas

Objects created for custom replica props – Kris Poppleton’s company – All rights reserved to Custom Replica Props. All objects were created with moving parts and to be printable on a desktop 3D printer (FDM Technology).

Sticky bomb gun – Batman



WIP full human size replica of Batman’s body – Clay work by Custom Replica Props


Blade Blast – Batman

Objects created for myminifactory.com in London. Replicas of objects done in 1:1 scale. “Built to assemble” after printing. FDM 3d printing technology friendly “3D printable guaranteed on a desktop 3D printer”.



Replica of Necrocasm from Destiny game


Rubber band powered car with placement available to glue stripes of rubber band onto its tires in order to get more grip from them




Tower Of Orthanc from LoTR


Conan Sword


Flintlock Pistol – Assassin’s Creed 4

The Mighty Hand at the Musée Rodin, Paris

The elder wand


Harry Potter’s wand


Lucius Malfoy’s wand


Pirate Sabre


Spartan’s sword


Deadrick Sword – Skyrim


Elven Sword – LoTR

Comment on it from one of the original prop makes for the movie itself at Legacy Effects.




Cannon lens cover

Multiple of chess sets


Go pro lens cover

Wrist go pro strap mount