Mieszko Lacinski – Texture Artist/Generalist TD Mieszko Lacinski – Texture Artist/Generalist TD



Hardsurface and Organic Modeller, Texture Artist, Look Dev artist and Lighter working towards VFX, Games and 3D Printing Industries. Main specialty, Texturing and Look development of hero hardsurface assets. In depth knowledge of different departments and having production experience in them make me a great team player in any production pipeline. Having experience both in Commercials and VFX blockbuster worlds help to improve speed as well as quality of the final product delivered. Experience in supervision, leading and production.


Contact Info:


Where currently am I? – Canada – Montreal

Mobile Phone:

UK: 0044 07934570257

Canada: 001 438 8306940

Poland: 0048 503703439


Email: miszalacinski@gmail.com

Software Expertise:

Mari 99%
ZBrush 99%
Substance Designer/Painter 80%
Clarisse 80%
Maya 70%
Nuke 40%
Windows 95%
Blender 90%
Photoshop 80%
Deadline, Qube, Tractor 80%
Topogun 70%
Redshift 70%
Arnold 70%
Unfold 3d, UV Layout, Roadkill 70%
Shotgun/Ftrack 70%
Linux 50%
Mudbox 30%
HDR Light Studio 5.0 30%
Modo 20%
Agisoft 10%
Katana 5%
Houdini 5%